about [the forest]

BlackForest was born from a desire to help create and maintain spaces where people feel safe to not only be themselves, but also freely share what makes them who they are.

Our aim is to be a relevant, inclusive resource; providing a point of connection, education and community in Perth’s alternative culture and beyond. Take a look at our calendar… we host regular events, offer education opportunities, and facilitate some awesome learning spaces in the Perth scene.

Want to know more about the richness and diversity that BlackForest offers? Contact us on 0406 577 537 and talk to Raven  – there’s always very warm welcome waiting for you!



Black Raven Wemyss (Raven)


Owner and Director of [the forest], I am better known nationally and internationally as former Pro Domme, long time interrogation professional, sometime performance artist, and currently qualified community health worker, counsellor, and adult vocational educator & trainer.

Oh, look… shiny things! *wanders off to investigate*
E: BlackRavenWemyss@blackforestspace.org | M: 0406 577 537


front of house


ropes sapphire
Sapphire is our Event and Market Wench. Want to hold an event? Want to come to one? See something at the Forest you love so much you must have one? Sapphire is the wench to contact. Outgoing, fun and a whole lot of cheek, she is happy to help you with your needs and welcome you to the Forest.
E: sapphire@blackforestspace.org


FullSizeRender-2Professional newbie and curious guinea pig, the sexy and always welcoming NOM has been known to follow BlackRavenWemyss into uncharted territory – and much to our delight is still doing it. With a strong nurturing instinct and wonderful communication skills, she possesses a broad cheeky streak that can’t be missed in that infectious smile of hers. For these reasons (and the fact she is never caught in public without her laptop of course) we made her the Forest Sexytary.
E: PurpleNOM@blackforestspace.org


contact BlackForest:

Raven (Kath)
0406 577 537
[the forest]:
North Lake, WA, 6163, Australia


about our artists & educators in residence

BlackForest supports exhibitions, education and creative pursuits and are fortunate enough to have artists and kinksters  in residence on short or long term bases. Interested in exhibiting, teaching or creating in residence? Please contact Raven.


FullSizeRenderRaven: performance art, education, professional services
Raven offers information and education on either formal or informal basis at [the forest]. She is also a qualified and experienced counsellor of over 17 years. In addition, her interests as a Kinky Professional include the more unusual and exotic. Raven accepts private bookings in all three areas. Interested? Getting in touch is easiest via mobile txt on 0406 577 537 or via Airship Mistress.


Kristoph / Forest SerjeantKristoph: commencing Oct 2015, rope artist and student-educator
Kristoph is Rope Artist in residence and offers private sessions for singles, couples and groups. He also runs our monthly Rope Jams with fiance, Sapphire. Contact him at Kristoph@blackforestspace.org to find out more.


Sinstress: Spring 2015, professional photographer and photographic artist

One lifetime of photographic pleasure in growing up, a new lifetime of photographic pleasure in play begins.
Having spent most of her life growing up with a camera in hand chasing after her photographer grandfather, Sinstress has had the pleasure of working in a high street studio and gallery plus running her own successful business in regional WA specialising in capturing beautiful, timeless and yet intimate portraits of women of all shapes and sizes.
In starting over in the big city, she now brings her humble go-anywhere-studio to the Black Forest, finally focusing on fetish!
Get in touch today via email to reserve your place with Sinstress, only at [the space].

e: sinstress@blackforestspace.org